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What a Pharmacist Does

What a Pharmacist Does

This is an image of a pharmacist counting and smiling.Now that I have told you the steps to becoming a pharmacist, let me tell you what a pharmacist does.  When most people think of a pharmacist’s role they think the monotonous routine of filling bottle after bottle with little, brightly colored capsules. In reality there is a lot more to what pharmacists do besides counting. Here is a list of other duties that pharmacists are responsible for (which ones will depend on the type of setting you are in):

  • Counseling patients on the side effects, directions, and cautions with each drug
  • Maintaining the stock within the store
  • Helping customers choose over the counter medicines
  • Advising the doctors on which medicines to use and how
  • Keeping an eye out for errors in the prescriptions and calling the doctor when they do happen
  • Staying up to date on your continuing education
  • Supervising the technicians and double checking their work
  • Making a drug into a form that fits the needs of the patient.. like a lotion, sublingual tablet, or even a doggie treat
  • Making sterile solutions for surgery
  • Making intravenous solutions and instructing the nurses how to use them properly
  • Conducting research on an existing drug or trying to create a new one
  • Teaching in a College of Pharmacy
  • Working as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company

As a pharmacists you need to pay a lot of attention to detail and have good communication skills. If this caught your interest at all then you might want to go back and look at the last blog about how to become a pharmacist!! Thanks!!

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