TTU Registration via Raiderlink

TTU Registration via Raiderlink

The Trailer: TTU Registration


Details: TTU Registration Trilogy

Episode 1: Introducing TTU Registration

Episode 2: Links, Labs, & Other Adventures

Episode 3: Finishing Strong

2 Responses to “TTU Registration via Raiderlink”

  1. Hongwei Wang

    Hi Sir or Madam,

    I went through all the videos and did as told for my registration. But after I click My Tech tap, I could find Registration button. Also, I thought the other buttons are different from before.
    Could you please to help me to fix it?
    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,

    • Maggie Gilchrest-Dunnam

      Hongwei Wang, in your Raiderlink you’ll want to click on the My Tech tab. You will then need to click on Registration, and beneath it Add/Drop classes. I do not recommend using the “New” Add/drop; just use the Add/Drop beneath Registration that does not have “new” in red next to it. You will input your CRNS (Course Registration Numbers) that you found when you created your schedule in Visual Schedule Builder. If you’re still having trouble, please stop by our office in Holden Hall 079, and one of our front desk assistants will be happy to assist you.


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