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Top Medical Specialties

Image of doctors performing surgery.In the previous blog, we talked about how to make you medical school dream a reality. When you are in medical school, you will have to determine what kind of specialty you want to go into once you get out of school. In this blog, we will talk about the top three medical specialties that hospitals are seeking to hire. The top three specialties according to  are primary care, cardiology and surgical specialties, and the top surgical specialties are neurosurgery and orthopedics.

The number one specialty most pursued for employment is primary care.  A primary care physician is a doctor that patients first come in contact with and continue to take responsibility for providing the patient’s care. The primary physician serves as the primary entry point for all of the patient’s medical and health care needs. If a patient needs further care, the physician will write a referral to specialist that the patient needs to go see. According to the website above, over the next 10-15 years, several national studies have predicted a shortage of 150,000 primary care physicians.

The second specialty is cardiology. In this specialty, a doctor will be diagnosing and treating a variety of disorders of the heart. When you specialize in cardiology, you will be considered a cardiologist. Most people will get confused between a cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon. The cardiologist will assess the patient, and diagnose the patient with any problems. They will also treat the patient for the problem, but if the treatment involves surgery, the cardiologist will then send the patient to a cardiac surgeon. A cardiologist does not perform surgery on a patient.

The third specialty area that is most pursued for employment is surgical specialties. Neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons are in a high demand. Neurosurgeons are doctors, who specialize in correcting neurological problems with surgery. Neurosurgeons can practice in many different settings. They can choose to limit their practice to certain subspecialties. These can include: pediatrics, spine, tumor, skull-based and peripheral nerve. Orthopedic surgeons are doctors who specialize in treating the musculoskeletal system of the body. The musculoskeletal system includes: bones, muscles, ligaments and other connective tissues.  Many people will come in with injuries or a disease to the musculoskeletal system that limits motion and movement. The orthopedic surgeon will perform surgery to correct these problems.

These are just three of the many specialties a doctor can specialize in! There are many more that you can choose from, but currently, hospitals are seeking to employ these three specialties the most. Keep a lookout for next month’s blogs about occupational therapy!

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