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Tips for Being Professional at the SWAPLA Caravan and BEYOND....

Tips for Being Professional at the SWAPLA Caravan and BEYOND….



Networking & Professionalism: Do’s & Don’ts

What do you wear when interviewing or when meeting with professionals?

  • Men: Suit Jacket, nice slacks, nice shoes, and tie are all acceptable
    Women: Knee length skirt, nice slacks, nice blouse, blazer, heels or flats, are all acceptable
  • Tips: Skirt-when you sit down, see how far up it goes and if it is too much, don’t wear it.
    You want to blend in, so don’t wear an outrageous tie for example

What are appropriate and important networking tools to utilize?

  • LinkedIn
  • Personal Business Cards
  • Facebook/Twitter-keep it clean. If you post anything negative or someone tags you in something negative, professionals will be able to see all of that

How do you hold yourself in a room of professionals? What are some tips to appear confident while being gracious? Also, how do you calm your nerves?

  • Be friendly
  • Don’t be frantic. If you start to get nervous, just step outside, breath, and calm your nerves before heading back in the room
  • Make everyone feel important

What are appropriate questions to ask about law schools or a business in an interview or meeting? Also, how much research should you conduct on a person or institution?

  • Look at the kind of law you want to practice and see what schools offer courses or programs in that type of law. You can filter out schools based on their specializations.
  • Don’t ask any questions that you can easily find on their fact sheet
  • Don’t overstep your boundaries to the point where you come off creepy when researching schools or professionals

What is the first thing you say to a law school admissions representative?

  • Make direct eye contact
  • Shake hands
  • Start with introducing your name
  • Say thank you when you are done speaking with them

Is there an appropriate way to ask a law school for an application fee waiver? If so, how?

  • Do not ask for a fee waiver
  • It makes you look like you have something to leverage when you really don’t
  • If there is a way to leave your information with them, do so. Then, they might just send you a waiver on their own.

After meeting with a law school admissions representative, how do you end the conversation?

  • Say thank you
  • Ask questions
  • Ask what is the next step that you should focus on

How do you make the initial contact with a professional if no natural opportunity is available?

  • You never know who knows who. Sometimes, you get job interviews or opportunities with someone because someone you know someone who knows that person hiring.
  • You don’t get a job with a resume. A resume gets you an interview but based on that interview will determine if you get a job.
  • Make a cover letter that  states your intentions
  • Learn about attorneys or other professionals you might want to work with
  • When mailing, use 8 ½ x 11 envelope because it sticks out from the other mail
  • Watch your body language when meeting with professionals

When asking a personal favor of a professional, how is the best way to encourage timely completion without being overbearing?

  • Initial contact: Understand they are busy and find a time to meet that works around their schedule
  • Follow up with your contact later. Give them at least 2-3 weeks before following up.
  • Letter of recommendation: Ask if they can write a “favorable” letter
  • Thank them for writing a letter and let them know if you got the job or got accepted to the school

What is an appropriate length of time before an additional contact, in order to encourage progress?

  • At least 2-3 weeks

How do you create student networks?

  • Get involved socially and digitally (blogs, tumbler, followers, etc.)
  • Talk to everyone that you can

Final tips?

  • Do things that make you unique or fun but not weird
  • Be confident and be yourself
  • Do your own research on potential schools and employers
  • Listen for culture and what attracts you to that school or company
  • Know why you want to go to that school or why you want that job
  • Have a game plan
  • Know how you will accomplish your goals while being aware of your limitations
  • Practice interviewing for example



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