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The Perks of Being a Rawls College of Business Student

The Perks of Being a Rawls College of Business Student

My Career Fair Story

Last fall semester was the first time I attended the Rawls Exclusive Career Fair. I was extremely nervous because I had no idea what to expect, or how to really act at a career fair. When I arrived, there were people everywhere, about 100 employers and about three times the students. I was so overwhelmed, and had no clue what to do first. I pretty much looked like a lost dog. Luckily a classmate of mine found me and walked me through how it works. After speaking with my friend, I was able to get my confidence up and approach the employers with my resume. It’s so fast paced and you really have to stand out since you’re meeting with them for just a brief amount of time. My biggest challenge was perfecting my story and figuring out what would make me memorable. I stayed for about two hours and met with some great employers I was interested in. It’s amazing to see how companies recruit and what exactly they are looking for in students. The part that gives me the most anxiety is waiting to see if you will receive an interview from any of the employers. The waiting game is brutal because you know some of the employers will be doing on campus interviews the very next day!

By the time the spring fair came around I was ready to go. I knew exactly what I wanted to say and I had an idea on what employers were looking for. Even the representative from Target remembered me and commented on my confidence, which landed me an interview for the internship position. After that, I honestly felt like I could take on this career fair with full force. Some employers even had mini interviews with students right there if their resume impressed them enough. With all this confidence I had I was still nervous because I felt so pressured to find an internship because I felt it was my last chance with the summer approaching. Even though I received interviews and later offers from the career fair I actually took a sales position with a local wedding magazine that I found on the Rawls career website, which is also exclusive to business students.

Getting Ready for the “Real World”

My name is Justine Barnette and I am currently a senior Marketing major graduating next spring. This year is the time I can take full advantage of the career fair and all the resources Tech has available to prepare us for post-graduation. Being a Rawls student has its perks because this career fair is specifically for business majors. The Rawls Career Management center prepares students with resumes workshops, how to dress professionally, mock interviews, workshops on how to work a career fair (which I should’ve went to last year), and guests speakers from employers that will be at the fair to tell us what they are looking for. I have started going to get my resumes critiqued and next will be how to work the fair so I can be more prepared this year. The Rawls Career Management Center and Career fair has prepared me the most for getting ready to graduate and enter the “real world”. Being a business student it has been the best resource I’ve had because everything you need is in one office.

Be on the Look Out for Next Year’s Career Fair!

This semester’s career fair was October 9th; even though I have gotten a lot of practice and experience with interviewing and networking this was a scary moment for me. It is my last fall semester as an undergraduate and I am about to enter the workforce. The pressure is on because now I am competing with every senior business student seeking a full time job after graduation. My goal is to go into the holiday break with a job offer that best suits me. With the resources I have available and overcoming my first horrific experience with the fair, I was ready to see what this year’s fair had to offer. Over 100 employers registered and spoke in some of my classes to prepare us for their booths. My experience was awesome, and I am hopeful that I will have some offers thanks to this networking opportunity. So…if you are a College of Business student, or if you will be soon, remember to listen for the Rawls Exclusive Career Fair dates and prepare to meet your future employers!

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