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Tech Police Department Offers Holiday Driving Tips

Information to consider if you are driving over the semester break.

  1. Consider a membership in an automobile association that provides, in addition to other services, roadside emergency service, towing, etc.
  2. Try to drive during daylight hours if possible, and keep your car gas levels above the halfway mark. Do not attempt to stretch your gas mileage when running low on fuel.
  3. Plan your stops/breaks, etc. so that you reach safe areas in the well-lighted locations. Avoid short cuts that take you off the main road into deserted remote areas.
  4. If possible, consult your map ahead of time, and know your route of travel. Try to keep from referring to roadmaps while you are in public places. This may call attention to the fact that you are traveling.
  5. If you are waiting in traffic, try to maintain enough space between you and other cars, just in case you have to move quickly. Stay alert and aware of what is happening around you. Be ready to move if a problem arises.
  6. Keep alert and aware while driving at all times. Pay attention to your instincts. If you are followed by another car, drive to a safe place, the police station, a business that is well-lighted, get help, and call the police at the first opportunity. Note the description of the vehicle following you, tag numbers, occupants, etc.
  7. In the event of trouble, drive defensively, remain alert, and be prepared to take evasive action. Always look for a way to get out of the situation and escape. Pay attention to your side and rear view mirrors.
  8. If your car breaks down, stop only when and where you think it is safe to stop. Pull the car to the side of the roadway and stay out of traffic lanes. Put flashers on, and wait inside. You might consider placing a white handkerchief on the front left window, or side facing traffic.
  9. If someone stops to help, other than the police, do not get out of your car. Keep doors locked, and windows rolled up, leaving only enough window space to communicate. Make sure that the police officer shows proper identification. Be on guard at all times.

Please visit http://www.depts.ttu.edu/ttpd/cp_tips.php for more safety and crime prevention tips.

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