RHIM at TTU: Making Dreams into Reality

RHIM at TTU: Making Dreams into Reality

Tonight TTU’s Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management program will be hosting a Casino Night Event. Great prizes and free food…plus an opportunity to learn a little more about a very multi-faceted degree. But don’t take my word for it…let Kaitlyn tell you all about why RHIM is the best fit for her!! 

RHIM: A student perspective

Hey! My name is Kaitlyn Rigling and I’m a Junior RHIM (Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management) major. I’m looking into becoming an Event Planner with my major, and either doing corporate events or weddings. I know they are on two opposite ends of the spectrum, but they both are a lot of fun to work on. The RHIM department does a lot to ensure you will succeed in your future career. They provide classes solely to practice interviews for jobs. They bring in legitimate companies that you could end up working for. They have different classes for the each specific area you’re interested in. If you’re more interested in hotels, they have a Hotel Operations class where you have a lab at The Overton Hotel, you work in each department of the hotel, and are able to see how they all work together to make a successful business. If you’re more interested in the restaurant side of the degree, they have cooking labs and then a lab where you work at the student run restaurant, Skyviews.  In your senior year, as your final project, you will actually plan your own event, Dinner Series, at Skyviews from start to finish. You’re in charge of the theme, menu, advertising, and then running the event the night of while making sure you generate enough revenue. It’s a great way to see what it takes to manage a restaurant and really put all the skills you’ve learned over your four years to work. The program also requires an internship in order to make sure you have enough work experience to succeed in the real world. I, myself, just finished my internship with a local event planning company this past semester. It was really great experience and gave me insight into what goes into planning and running a wedding. I was able to do everything from designing invitations, sitting in on consultations, working on budgets, all the way to building flower arrangements for the event. It was definitely stressful at times, especially on the day of the event, trying to make sure everything ran smoothly and was taken care of. But all of the hard work was worth it knowing you made someone’s dream wedding come true. And that’s what I love most about my major: being able to take someone’s dream and make it a reality while creating an experience for them that they will always remember. So if you enjoy being creative, working with people, and being able to create lasting memories for other people, then I highly suggest you look into becoming a RHIM major. I’m definitely glad I chose this major.

Attend the event and see for yourself! You might just find the major you’ve been searching for all along!

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