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Reading and Writing Galore! Could English be the Major for You?

Reading and Writing Galore! Could English be the Major for You?

Do you love to read? Or have you spent hours writing stories and poems? If so, maybe a degree in English is in your future. A Bachelor of Arts in English can help prepare you for a wide variety of careers: history, philosophy, psychology, politics, and even graduate programs that require extensive reading – such as law or business. You’ll learn to evaluate different points of view and how to solve problems and communicate solutions.  Since English courses at Texas Tech are small, they allow for focus on discussions and communication. But most importantly – the classes will inspire you! Whether you love to read Jane Austen or Stephen King, you will find classes that will revolve around your interests.

A student wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English must specialize in 1 of the 3 offered concentrations: Literature and Language, Creative Writing, and Teacher Preparation. Each concentration allows the student to advance their skills in their desired area.

Literature and Language Concentration:

As a student pursuing the Literature and Language Concentration, you will study texts from a wide variety of historical periods and creative genres. It is required to take at least one class in American, British, and Early Literature to further expand your understanding of the human condition across cultures and across history. You will learn to think critically and analytically about literature and language itself. This concentration can prepare you for many careers—including teaching, government service, and business. Also, it will prepare you for graduate and professional study in fields requiring extensive reading and writing, such as law, medicine, and business.

Creative Writing Concentration:


This concentration is designed for students wishing to write fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. As a student pursuing the Creative Writing Concentration, you will take many literature courses to develop your understanding of technique, tradition, and innovation across genres. In return, you will learn to appreciate the aspects and techniques of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry to apply to your own writing. This concentration can also prepare you for a career in writing, to teach creative writing and literature at the college level, or for a graduate-level program.


Teacher Preparation Concentration:

Students in the Teacher Preparation Concentration can earn a provisional certificate for teaching grades K-12 in the field of English Language Arts. As a student in this concentration, you will take a series of courses in British and American literature, World literature, Composition/Rhetoric, and many other electives. Students in this specialization are required to complete two full semesters of student teaching. In result, you will work closely with the English and Education advisors to actively check your progress.


So now that you are armed with the knowledge on the different concentrations available, are you ready to go declare your English major? Or do you need some more information?

For more information, you can consult the Texas Tech English website at: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/english/.

Happy Reading!

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