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Procrastinate tomorrow. Read this NOW!

Procrastinate tomorrow. Read this NOW!


I sat down in my very first class of the day with coffee in hand and ready to take notes. I’m gazing off into space thinking about the never-ending to-do list I have in my head. My professor then walks in and says, ‘Okay class. It’s time to start the exam. Please put away all study materials and take out your scantron.’ For a moment I just stare and my stomach ties in a knot. NO. There can’t be an exam today. It’s on Friday! Not TODAY! I look to my fellow classmates and sure enough, they were all getting ready to take their exam. How did I miss this?

It was my third week of classes here at Texas Tech. Between a full-time class schedule, two jobs, and adjusting to my new living situation, I’d forgotten one key thing: balance. I wasn’t used to having to balance my time. I planned every other aspect of my life, why not my time?

Don’t learn this the hard way like I did. Utilize campus resources to help you be successful from the start.


Your success as an Engaged Scholar will generally boil down to one yet attribute: your time management skills.

The Center for Active Learning and Undergraduate Engagement (CALUE) is hosting a Time Management Training workshop. The event will be Wednesday, September 18th from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. in the Library #152.

All students are invited to attend. Come get some great tips from Christine Slaughter who has balanced being a full-time student, conducting undergraduate research, and a professional dance career. Christine will give a short presentation, tell personal stories, and take questions from the audience. There will also be a few giveaways! Feel free to bring a lunch and relax while getting some really useful information.

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