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PPHC: Student Life Here At Texas Tech

PPHC: Student Life Here At Texas Tech

During the school year, your main focus is getting good grades in your classes, but it is crucial that you fit some fun time in there too! In Lubbock there are many ways to achieve this goal. Going to all of our sporting events is very fun and being a student you get in for free. I would say the most popular sporting event that people go to are the football games. Paige and I went to a football game together this year and had a great time!

Here is a picture of Paige and me at the football game. We had AWESOME seats so we were able to get a great picture with the field in the background! I would definitely recommend going to at least one football game.

One thing you can do in the fall is the Corn Maze. I have gone for three years now and I love it. It’s a tradition for me to go while living here in Lubbock. Paige and I went to this together also, and of course we snapped a picture at the corn maze!

During Christmas, Tech has a tradition called the Carol of Lights. Everyone gets together and sings Christmas songs as they light up the Christmas lights around campus for the first time. Another thing you can do to stay busy is to join one of the campus organizations we have! What is great about this is that campus organizations will help boost your application for health careers. . We also have some cool places like the Buddy Holly Museum and the Science Spectrum. These are just a few examples of what we like to do for fun here in Lubbock!!

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