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Let Me Fill You In

I’ve fallen behind on my blog writing. The days are speeding by and I just can’t seem to keep up. Let me fill you in on the last month.

Hurricane Sandy: You all heard about it. Frankenstorm was supposed to slam the East Coast, and it did in many parts. The tech interns all got worried calls from our grandmothers as they heard D.C. was supposed to be right in the middle of it. Parts of D.C. were hit pretty badly but the Tech House didn’t skip a beat. Total damage in our area: a fallen trashcan in the alley. Don’t think we went completely unharmed though. The mental damage was much greater. By the end of the first day of being stuck in the Tech House with seventeen other interns, we found ourselves learning the Gangnam Style dance in a desperate attempt not to contract cabin fever. However, we did get two days off from work so no complaints here.

Halloween: With so many people living in the Tech house, it is often difficult to do things with everyone. The weekend before Halloween though, we all went to a Halloween party together at a house near the Capitol. It was really fun to see everyone get dressed up and to hang out with everyone. I managed to throw a decent costume of Madeline together with an old beret I found in the laundry room. Halloween night wasn’t quite as fun. We had work the next morning so our excitement for the evening was getting dressed up to go get a $2 boorito from Chipotle. I dreaded putting that dirty beret back on my head but that boorito was delicious.

Election Night: After devouring my tiny plate of hors d’oeuvres, Melanie, Deontae, and I explored the rest of the beautiful townhouse which had been purchased and newly renovated by Oracle. The rooftop terrace was entirely too cold to enjoy the view but we were in awe anyway. We went downstairs and found a good spot in front of one of the many TVs in the house and began absorbing the numbers. As the states were being called one by one, the enthusiasm levels began to change one by one. People were becoming tired, angry, and thanks to the two open bars on each floor, drunk. We decided it was time to go and we headed back to the Tech house. When we got back, we watched the final numbers and watched as Obama became the clear winner. The rest of the house started coming in from other election night parties and it was clear that some people were very angry. I was tired of the tension and anger so I went to bed before Obama’s acceptance speech. I was quite aware I’d be hearing more about it tomorrow.

I also got a visit from my dad and step-mom recently. I gave them a tour of the Capitol and showed them my favorite places in the city. We went to Eastern Market, the Navy Yard, Georgetown and to several of the museums and monuments. I walked them until their feet ached and although I thought I was a seasoned veteran at this walking stuff, my feet were pounding too.

This past Monday I went on a day trip to Philadelphia with Katie and Melanie. You may have some great cheesesteaks, Philadelphia, and you may be where our founding fathers met originally, but you ain’t got nothing on D.C.

It’s been a busy month and I expect this next (and last) one to be equally so. If you need me, look for the girl sprinting through the streets of D.C. cramming everything in before I make that bittersweet flight back to Texas.

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