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Laws, Behaviors, and Homicide - OH MY!

Laws, Behaviors, and Homicide – OH MY!

Have you ever wondered why people follow the rules or why cultures act the way they do? If so, then maybe you have an interest in studying sociology.  A major in sociology can help you gain valuable insight into the interrelations of culture, community, institutional structures, personal relations, and individual identities. Sociology, in general, includes all aspects of people’s social behavior in many different types of settings. Texas Tech University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology within the College of Arts & Sciences. Selecting sociology as your major can help prepare you for a diverse set of careers.

I’m sure you’re thinking “Okay, that sounds interesting. But what kind of job can I get with a degree in Sociology?” Well trust me, there are plenty of choices. With a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, you are eligible and prepared for a variety of jobs. You can work in social services as a youth services provider, a probation officer, a community organization worker, or even an FBI Agent. You can also work as a social researcher or data analyst for the local and state government, employment specialist, an academic advisor, or a training instructor. It all depends on your individual skill level and your level of education. However, you have a lot of options. With a degree in sociology, you can work in many different fields: human services, journalism, criminal justice, law, education, politics, public relations, social science research, business and even public administration. The possibilities are endless.

If you are sitting there thinking that you want to study about violent crime, juvenile delinquency, mass murder, or even drug-trafficking there are programs for that too. Texas Tech offers a program where you, as a student, can major in Sociology and graduate with a criminology concentration listed on your transcript. The criminology concentration is offered for students who are interested in issues and behaviors related to the making and breaking of laws. Within the criminology concentration, students will examine social forces; such as, economics, social conflict, gang membership, and many more as the causes of crimes.

So I know you’re thinking “That’s awesome, but are the classes going to be interesting?” There are plenty of choices for classes. As a sociology major, you can take classes like: Development of Sociological Theory, Contemporary Sociological Theories, Sociology of Marriage, Homicide, and even White Collar Economic Crimes. Also, if you choose to do the criminology concentration, your classes may include Sociology of Law and Policing, Criminology, Forensic Psychology, and even Juvenile Delinquency.  Now I dare you to tell me that those don’t sound interesting? Plus, all sociology classes that Texas Tech offers help you develop strong oral and written communication skills because they will be important in your future career.  Texas Tech does their best to give you the best classes and resources to prepare you for your future.

Another fantastic option you can have as a Sociology student is to study abroad during the maymester in Seville, Spain. SOC 4325: Criminology, a required criminology concentration course, is offered with Dr. Smithey. Every summer, the program takes numerous fieldtrips to other locations in Spain; you would visit The High Court of Andalusia in Granada, Royal Palace and The Prado in Madrid, and a Gladiator Arena in Italica. The short three week program would allow you to see the world and get college credit for it. It is definitely something to consider.

The Texas Tech Sociology Department has a lot to offer you as a student. Now it’s up to you: do your research, job shadow someone, and maybe even use Google to confirm your future plans. If you want to more information on the Texas Tech Sociology Major and Criminology Concentration, there are a few websites listed below for your convenience.

Buena Suerte!

(Good Luck! – Just a little Spanish to get you started, you never know if you’ll be using it in Seville, Spain someday soon.)

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