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How to Turn your Medical School Dream into Reality

Image of a doctor checking on a patient.There are several things that need to be done for a student to apply to medical school. If you are interested in what you need to do before you apply, this blog will tell you everything! The main thing you need to focus on is getting your prerequisite courses completed that are required for the medical school you are applying to. For Texas Tech’s medical school, the prerequisite courses can be found at this website;

These courses should be completed with a “C” or better. Most medical schools require a minimum of 90 semester hours before you can apply to the program, but you might want to consider completing an undergraduate degree first. Medical school is very competitive, and completing a degree before you apply to the program will make you a more competitive applicant. There are several application criteria that medical schools will take into consideration when making a decision on your acceptance. They will look at your overall GPA and your GPA in science courses. Make sure you do really well in your courses, especially your science courses.

Another major thing they will look at is your Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) score. You will need to prepare for this test well in advance. There are several test prep companies that offer courses and practice exams to prepare you for these kinds of tests. Take advantage of these resources as you are able to, because you want to earn that highest score you can the first time you take the test. You will need to send in letters of evaluation with your application, and usually one need to come from a science instructor. When you start your college career, start making and maintaining connections with your professors, so later on when you need those letters you can go back to those professors and ask for those letters of recommendation.

There are a couple of optional things you can do to make you a more competitive applicant. The first thing is volunteering within the medical field. The Covenant Hospital here in Lubbock will take volunteers. By doing this, you are showing the medical school that you know what it’s like to be in the medical field, and you know what you are getting yourself into. Also, it shows them that you are serious about wanting to be a doctor. You can also join our campus organizations here at Texas Tech. For pre-medicine, you can join organizations like the Pre-Med Society or Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). If you do everything that we have talked about in the blog, you will help make yourself a more competitive applicant for medical programs.  At the end of June, look out for our next blog, which will be about all the different specialties you can go into as a doctor.



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  1. noah bach-wall

    hello; I’m a 14 year old from germany, my dream to start a medical career in the us, vanished when my mom told me that I would have to get a graduate digree (?) first ( 4 extra years ) , is she right, or could I get into med school, with a good ‘german’ school degree ??? (sorry for spelling mistakes …)


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