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Home for the Holidays …. They're Baaaack!

FamilyEducation Network (Pearson Education, Inc.)  They invade from every corner of the country, arriving in trains, planes, and automobiles. They’re sleep-deprived and burned out, bearing laundry bags instead of gifts.

Yes, the holidays are here, and our college students are back home!

Now that most universities have wisely combined semester final exams with winter break, many of us can look forward to four-week visits from our “independent” children. Welcome to the upside-down lifestyle of college students: sleeping ’til early afternoon and staying out late. While we can dangle curfew in front of high-schoolers, college kids are used to living without nagging parents and are unlikely to accept prohibitive rules without a fight. But, like it or not, they must balance their independence with the lifestyles and schedules of family members. A word of advice: Lower your expectations and be prepared for mixed results.

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