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Discovery! Social Media Scavenger Hunt Clue #3: Researching with University Career Center

Discovery! Social Media Scavenger Hunt Clue #3: Researching with University Career Center

Major and Career Research

In order to make a competent decision, it is crucial to do research. That’s really what Discovery! is grounded in…the importance of researched-based evidence in a decision making process. One of our favorite ways to help you research is to send you to the University Career Center! They were nice enough to explain a bit about how they can serve you…

See us now or see us later!

By Kristen Seideman, Assistant Director of University Career Center

We have this saying at the UCC that students can “see us now or see us later.”  Most of the time we receive blank stares or awkward smiles after students hear this little nugget of knowledge, but if they would take a moment and think about why they are here at Texas Tech, they would realize this nugget of knowledge is pure genius!

Most students are in college with the goal of graduating and landing that dream job; however, they may be unaware of all the little steps one must take prior to landing that amazing job.  A fabulous resume, awesome work experience, and amazing interviewing skills are just a few drops in the bucket of successful career searching.

University Career Center can help with all the above mentioned items.  We are here to help students prepare for the working world or higher education.  Whatever path you are thinking about taking, isn’t it great to know that there is an office on campus that is here to HELP you?

If you are unsure of your major or what you can do with your major after graduation, we have assessments that can serve as a guide to your future!  We have trained career counselors ready to help you perfect that fabulous resume or help you hone your interviewing skills. It is your choice: see us now or see us later. The sooner you come in to start preparing for your future the career, the better off you’ll be. However, it is never too late to start preparing for your dream career. Come by today and talk to one of our professional career counselors!

And don’t forget about the Career Fair!

When: October 8, 2013

Where: Overton Hotel

Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm

This is a great time to meet employers, get a feel for what types of careers are out there, and experience an opportunity to understand the professional skills needed in searching for a job!

Not sure if you’re ready for a Career Fair? The UCC can help with that too!

Check out their “How to Work a Job Fair” Seminars on October 2nd and 3rd

Remember that any visit with the University Career Center will count as a Discovery! activity!

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