TTU PreLaw Program

Choosing Your Best Fit Law School

With spring just around the corner, students are beginning to hear back from their prospective law schools.  With multiple acceptances rolling in, how do you make sure that you chose the right program to attend?

When considering several different law schools, it is important to examine various factors. The Bar Passage Rate is very important, as well as the percentage of employed students within 6 months of graduation.  Further, you will want to look at the living costs; this means housing, food, entertainment, etc.  Tuition rates, scholarship offers, family and relationships, faculty to student ratio, extra-curricular options, study abroad, internships, and location may all be important as well.

If you already know the type of law that you would like to practice, possibly research for the schools that are known for that area specifically.

In all, choosing your best fit law school is not always the easiest decision.  It may require a lot of thought and research.  However, in the end, it will all be worth it.

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