Bringing Sexy Back

Bringing Sexy Back

University Advising is all about taking what we have and who we are, and improving, so that we are better able to serve the needs of students.

We use the same principle in every aspect of our advising process, constantly asking ourselves how we can improve our interactions with students and how we relay and provide information to students.

University Advising has created a new look for our blog and we hope you find it as impressive as we do. It’s bolder, more interactive, and outfitted to change languages and respond to changes on your viewing device. View our blog posts, our most recent tweets, pins and statuses — all from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.  It can even accommodate some visual impairments.  We consider the term “user-friendly” an understatement.

See information on your favorite blogger/advisor and follow along, comment, or perhaps post it to your own social media sites. Use our blog to find more info on PreLaw, Pre-Professional Health, PreEngineering, finding your best-fit major, and the best advice on campus (we’re advisors, it’s what we do).

University Advising exists to engage, equip, empower and encourage students to explore and excel in their educational goals and beyond, and we’re prepared to meet you where are with a bold new look. We’re bringing sexy back. We tell our students that  every day is a an opportunity to improve, develop and be more engaged, equipped, empowered and encouraged than the day before , and that’s such awesome advice, we used it ourselves in the creation of this blog site.

So visit our blog and help yourself learn and improve. Same great concept, all new technological sexiness and usability.

Because from here, it’s (stylishly) possible.

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